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Ok, so the old format with brief episodes, describing each topic didn't really work very well, because these topics are too complex to fit in a 10-15 min. audio format.
The whole concept is now being remodeled. This process will take some time, but hopefully it will be worth it.

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Independent Mars - or recreation of Earths nation states?

Should Mars have one martian colony, with multiple settlements, or should we recreate the nation states of Earth, on Mars. There's also the possibility of creating nation states on Mars, in much the same way as we know from Earth, but not necessarily corresponding with the nation states of Earth. Could be based on who's sponsoring the colony.

One martian colony, with multiple settlements would mean an independent Mars, under one martian government.

Recreating Earths nation states, could be an American colony, a Chinese colony, a Russian colony, etc.

New nation states, could be a SpaceX colony, a Boeing colony, etc

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