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Ok, so the old format with brief episodes, describing each topic didn't really work very well, because these topics are too complex to fit in a 10-15 min. audio format.
The whole concept is now being remodeled. This process will take some time, but hopefully it will be worth it.

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On Mars, which language should be spoken by the colonists?

Language options:

  • Ethnic languages
  • Existing constructed language
  • New constructed language

There seems to be several choices. If we look at the ISS, English and Russian is used, sometimes in combined form; Runglish.

Should the same be the case on Mars? Or should each colony have the language, decided upon by the entity sponsoring the colony. De facto recreating (some of) the nation states of Earth, on Mars? This is the ethnic languages option.

There's also the option of choosing a constructed language, like Volapük, Esperanto, or Ido. Both Volapük and Ido, is practically non-existing, with only up to a few hundred users. Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed language, with a userbase estimate ranging from a few tens of thousands, to a couple of millions.

Of cause, the constructed language option, leads to a third option; Inventing a whole new language, for the martian colony.

So the question is, should earths nation states be recreated on Mars? In that case, ethnic languages would be the natural choice. If that is not the case, there will be a wider range of options, ranging all the way from choosing an ethnic language, and make it the common martian language, all the way to inventing a language, especially for Mars. In between the two, is the possibility of an existing constructed language.

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