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Ok, so the old format with brief episodes, describing each topic didn't really work very well, because these topics are too complex to fit in a 10-15 min. audio format.
The whole concept is now being remodeled. This process will take some time, but hopefully it will be worth it.

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Animals on Mars

There will be three kinds of animals on Mars.

  • There will be eco-system animals. They are animals needed as part of the colony eco-system.

  • There will be production animals. They are part of the food production.
    • Fish, for human consumption.
      • Other than plant waste, they could also consume waste products from the mammal production, and insects.
    • Mammals, for human consumption. May not be the primary use of them. They could be primarily recreational animals.
      • They should be able to eat park-plants, and plant waste.
    • Insects, for human and animal consumption.

  • Recreational animals.
    • Pets
    • Inhabitants of a park. Some of them may have practical applications, but all of them should probably have a high cuteness-score, and be colorful.
    • The first zoo on Mars
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